I leased with Chesapeake back in April 2011. I was part of a large land group with ALOV. Stark, Carroll, and Columbiana counties were included in that large group. I don't expect to be re-leased again as I am in Stark county. Has anyone been contacted. I have not heard much lately. Thank you.

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You should be contacted by whoever buys Chesapeake's leases. The price per acre bonus for the April 2011 has already been paid to other Chesapeake leased landowners who's Primary Term ended during the summer. I was talking to one of those landowners the day their check came in.

The November 2011 leases my be too pricey for Chesapeake or whoever buys their leases.

Texas was getting $25,000 an acre bonus and 25% back in 2010 when I was trying to figure all this out. The info is probably still on line. Based on that we were probably underpaid on the bonus.

Of course we now know that Chesapeake has gone across the Country signing leases knowing they would never pay the Royalty agreed upon. Check out all the lawsuits from Texas to PA. North Carolina and WV also had early run ins with Chesapeake and had to sue them.


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