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Kindly share your thoughts.

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There are some positives in the bill. It will force pool an anti-fossil fuel types, keeping them from halting production altogether. Personally I can care less about unit size, just want all my acres in units and none left out. Having flexibility might allow for maximizing the development of land and not leave out small blocks in a patchwork of inefficient unit spacing.

The faults I find are the trashing of lease terms without re-negotiation and the spectre / probability of automated inclusion of un-leased land / mineral rights owner(s) into an undesireable / punitive leasehold on the basis of the O & G / E & P defining a 'pool', specifying a 'Unit' and making their application with the ODNR to develop

So, Johnny Joe Anti Fossil Fuel holds out and says no way. Then the ODNR cannot unitize your area and you lose everything. This is the opposing view, some middle of the road balance would be the correct sweet spot.

Come to NY and I can show you an anti shit sandwich (sorry for the cussing). My land lost 40% of its value on Dec 17 2014. (yes the day HF was banned).

I've read about NY.

Chaulked it up to a few empowered anti's (anti's in high places with more to gain by being an anti than being Pro-Development) - but that's just my opinion on the matters affecting NY).

Good luck on that front David.
IMHO there's no room in the 'play' for the anti's.

I see them as a minority being played up / presented as greater in number and a serious adversary / deal breaker. I'm thinking in reality they're not.

How many anti's are there ?

Wonder what percentage of the total they are ?

Anybody have any numbers ?

If the motive would be to stall the works and use the time to gain more / total control of the resources and their development what a perfect ploy / tactic / excuse it would provide.

I've become more and more cynical with every passing day and I started out as a cynic to begin with !
We remain Pro Development, Pro Drilling, Pro Landowner, Pro Mineral Rights Owner and Pro Private Ownership Rights.

We are Anti-Trespass / Over-reach of any of the above by any and all.
As for ourselves, we can't say we're at all happy about granting the E & P automatic unit acreage increases without negotiation / renegotiation of any new or existing lease agreement.

Above link should take you to a small article about the Velocys (Gas To Liquids Plant) scheduled to be built soon in Ashtabula.

Anybody else learn anything more ? ?


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