Thought to also add this discussion around the comment I left a little earlier.

I'll start it by repeating the comment in discussion format immediately below this intro. :


A link to another post at the General Forum pages to what I think to be significant reading follows (go to page 3 once there to find pertinent commentary) :

Ashtabula County Utica development 'on hold' per politicos and as storied in the Star Beacon.
Article cites low oil prices, no takeaway systems in place yet, other infrastructure and earthquake concerns.
Oil industry in another linked article indicates development will continue / grow as development costs are falling and in spite of less dollars per barrel pricing.
Takeaway capacity is fixable if you ask me - develop R.O.W. agreements, lease and drop pipe.
Earthquakes are due to waste water injection wells as I've read - not fractured production wells; and that seems fixable to me also by going with Waterless / Gas Fracturing Production Wells where water / waste water disposal aren't even required.
So I think we all need to tell our politicians to step on the gas - prosperity is knocking on our doors.
What do all of you folks think ?

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A link to a similarly titled post on the General Forum pages with a couple of replies.

Take the link and check it out neighbors.

Let's here what you folks think.


If the politicos acknowledge that economic growth for their geographic area / their constituency / the citizens resident in their sphere of political empowerment exists and only awaits attention / action from the industrial sector it doesn't make intuitive sense to me for the political leadership to put required preparations 'on hold'.

That to me translates as obstructionist behavior working against the economic betterment of their geographic area / their constituency / the citizens resident in their sphere of political empowerment.

A free thinking man / woman / citizen / taxpayer could ask what purpose / agenda is served by such behavior on behalf of the politicos ?

One might come up with a plausible explanation along the lines of those political powers placating the agenda of other entities instead of the citizens resident in their sphere of political power.

Maybe the politicos are actually saying that the industry has put development 'on hold' not themselves - I don't know but I certainly would like an answer to that one.

All only IMHO

A direct link to the Star Beacon story just above.

Just below a direct link to another article discussing how some producers will accelerate development in spite of lower oil prices.

Well.................who should we believe ?

I don't know.

Then also (in most recent history) came O.P.E.C. / S. A. / their $36.00 per barrel oil, that really gums up / throws a big monkey wrench into the works.

Forget those birds.

Develop our own Natural Gas and Oil here at home.  

Let Russia and China deal with the jihadis / pay to play and rip off the people in the M.E.

Should they (ISIS) continue involving us in their heinous terrorist assaults I suggest that we lay the place they call home to total waste.

They should not confuse our anger with fear.

Neither should our own leaders make that mistake of their population.

Many times the media and our leadership use the word 'fear' when they should use the word 'anger'.

In my books it's ok to get angry when there are enemies to deal with.

Why do our own leaders use the word 'fear' so often ?

Are they trying to talk us into being afraid so as to gain even more power ?

I am suspicious of just that at this point.

Good luck to all of us - I think we need it.


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