A link to a pipeline map post is just above.

The next link below (found provided by another within the linked discussion) takes you to the map site where you can input Ohio and then Ashtabula County to view map graphics.




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I remember being told that the best, fastest, (less negotiations w/land owner) etc route would be to run a pipeline directly down Rte 11. This was info that came out when the ALOV started signing up folks back in the Utica rush...which has now stagnated for us

Once the Governor smells the taxes from the Utica coming in he can grease all the skids for the pipeline.

If they (State) can take away your rights for the big O&G folks they can surely dig a deep ditch with pipelines in them very easily.

Also, does the Pinto plant come into play with these pipelines

Mentioned the Rte. 11 pipe in the linked conversation earlier myself Bill.

To repeat what I wrote earlier at the linked post, I' ve read a few entries about the Rte. 11 pipe on these pages over the past couple of years yet note the linked map doesn't show it (yet).

Maybe the map will be updated as things progress (seemingly ever so slowly).

Also noted that the mapped pipe indicates (3) three runs of pipe scheduled to be built which are dependent on a LNG Plant (LNG = Liquified Natural Gas as far as I know). The Pinto Plant is supposed to be a Natural Gas To Liquids Facility last I read and producing 'Jet Fuel'.

That's about all (I think) I know Bill.

I would believe that somewhere in the State house there has been conversation and a paper trail.

Once real money starts flowing (hopefully) up our way the people in power will see a nice

cash register. If a pipeline would go down Rte 11 it should be smooth sailing in the sense of constructions and working with landowners who will hold out for more. Also, I believe that

the line would go in fast as opposed to going thru fields and streams.

I'm thinking the Rte. 11 pipe will be sure to be built out (based on earlier posts / replies here on GMS) but it's just not shown on the most recent map (for reasons unknown).

Could be that the Rte. 11 map is serving a purpose other than the purpose that the most recent map was generated to serve.

Thinking the waterless fracturing technique just beginning to be used is going to be a very important element in opening up development in our area myself. Wishing them much success applying it.

The sooner development picks up the better IMHO.

I am not in construction and know very little about any kind of digging/trenching. common sense would tell me that it would be cheaper, faster, less haggling, less Laywers, enviromental groups etc, to have a line run right down Rte 11 to the Lake Erie area.

Going thru farmlands, under roads/streams, re-negotiating old right of ways, negotiating new right of ways, dealing with every Twp, Village etc would be very time consuming and expensive. The money makers want their Greenbacks to come in fast with the least amount money spent.

I'm just using common sense...

Depends which way the pipe needs to run, which roads / associated rights of way run, where the wells are etc., etc.

Lots of factors / variables would be considered seems to me.

Just my best guess / IMHO neighbor.


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