See Pg. 14 from the good folks at Eclipse.  There appears to be copious volumes of dry gas in western to central Beaver County, PA and all of Hancock County, WV on the order of IP's of about 10 MMCF/day and EUR's of about 10 bcf per well which translates to $40,000,000 per well at today's $4/mmcf pricing.

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I believe you are at least in the wet gas area for the UD shale as CHK has 8 permits for UD Rhinestreet wells surrounding you, including one Rhinestreet well right there in Hookstown that is permitted.  There's not a huge difference with having wet (rich) and super-rich from what I can tell.  Main thing is volume (hydrocarbons/gas in place). 

You are definitely in the middle of the prolific dry gas Utica, according to RRC and CHK for that matter.  

Here's a good article about the value per acre according to Credit Suisse:

Todd, Thank you so very much for all the help and time you have given to me.  (p.s....I did delete my address )  This last link was a very big help for me to understand.  Thank you and God Bless, Nancy

Is it any wonder sharks want to give you a few grand per acre to buy your mineral rights?

No one should take less than $7,000 an acre for a lease! It should start there and go up.
Friends just signed for that much down in SE Washington county pa.
People up this way are still accepting $2k. It's still very early.

The 40,000,000 per well figure, does it matter how many well heads are on the pad.


George, that is for one well.

"As a dry gas producer, Cabot remains in a class of its own. Assuming a step up in EURs and using Cabot's updated well cost guidance, the company's drilling returns in Susquehanna will likely be in the 150%-200% range at the well level, assuming $4/MMBtu Nymex and barring a widening of Marcellus basis differentials. These returns would compete with leading-edge returns achieved by best operators in top oil plays. By comparison, EOG Resources (EOG) has recently indicated drilling returns in the 100% range in the western Eagle Ford and the Bakken and returns as high as 200% in the eastern Eagle Ford, which are the best in EOG's portfolio."

Beaver County's dry gas Utica GIP is similar to NE Marcellus GIP in Bradford and Susquehanna Counties.

See Page 11 to view TOC, thickness and sweet spot for Point Pleasant.


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