Please post any new news.

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Craig, Great advice !  See, I am still learning from you.  Nancy

craig as usual very good advice i don't understand m.west enterprises doesn't pay the pipelines like chesapeake mid-stream does1.00an inchper diameter of pipe times length times amount of pipelines oh i forgot MONEY,MONEY,MONEY nancy thanks for the info every little bit helps i can't get the land man to call me back bunch of yahoos if you ask me oh well walking with mark west tomorrow try to keep you guys updated

does anybody out there have any particular information about the MFN clause that can be attached as a addendum to a oil and gas lease I know what the clause means but wonder what the limitations are  on the distance that can be attached to it ? a lot of goofy deals as far as bonus/ royalties are concerned and has anybody heard what kind of compensation you could get in regard to seisemic testing either 2d or 3d ? also found a good list of addendums on www.rosstwpgas/addendums.php may be able to help out with what you can get attached I'm sure theres more out there  ohyeah pipeline update walked with m.west's routers couple of saturdays ago  the route did not please us at all proposed a route more agreeable to us they're coming out today to check it out also learned some general information that if the wellhead is not on your property you should and could get more per foot than usual dollar figure is really unknown at this time  thanks in advance for any information that you share

Mark your link says when I click it

Sorry 'www.rosstwpgas addendums.php' does not exist or is not available.

mike i just went back to this sight to make sure they didn't close it  try typing an engine search "oil and gas addendums pa "should be about 6th or 7th down the the list  easy access for me at 7:07 a. m . this was a google engine search happy reading !!! i just tried acessing through the link it skunked me too the google search will let you right through just tried that also no problem

Thanks works Mark ps good info


Has there been any progress on the well or pipelines?

Any activity at the well site?

Any news here?


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