Any activity at the Blasco Pad as of late?

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 todd  range shot us down last june have property aprox. 1/4 mile away from proposed blasco pad there back beating on our door with another ridiculous offer for O&G lease we're dickering with them might be a good thing or maybe not. I do know that pipeline crews are scheduled to start arrriving very shortly to connect the dots along route 18 going north from  the burgettstown area and range will not start drilling until pipeline routes are secure I hear there going to put a frack line in the pipeline no trucking involved once well is started is my take on it  mark

Thanks for the 411 Mark!

That's pretty cool that they may be putting a frack line in the pipeline!  I've never heard of one of those before.  They'll be drilling sooner than later then once the pipeline is in place.


Todd pipeline supervisors are arriving as we speak two of them anyhow more coming guranteed mk west rep gave me the 411 on the pipeline/frack thing IF you can beleive them might be above ground not real crazy about that its that hurry up and wait thing you hear anything? Do you  know if raccooon park campsites are open? pipeliners need a place for  camper trailers from what I hear


Hi Mark,

That's great news about the pipeline work.  I hear they're gonna continue to run it along Rt 18 north.  Yeah, the frack line may not be such a great thing for living near.  But, that means they're planning on fracking alot of wells along the line.  I wouldn't be too crazy about that either since it's above ground.  I don't know if Raccoon's campsites are open or not.  I live out of state but still own property about 5 miles from you up Rt 168.  But, I visit quite often to visit family.


Hi Mark,  I live near you on Anderson Hozak Rd.  We have been talking with Mark West too.  This is the first I've heard of the above ground water lines.  Doesn't sound too good.

 We have an addendum stating no above ground water lines,  I wonder if they would still be able to use them. 


Ellen - I saw today a new well is approved at Krivicas - any activity or pad work, yet there?
DEP approved 5 horizontals through Range.

No activity yet.  They're saying late 2014. 


Wow - seems like a LONG way off.

Hey guys,

They'll at least create the pad sooner than later if the permits were already approved in order to hold everyone by production.  I'd be surprised if it takes that long to initiate drilling.  The location is in the super rich Marcellus and Upper Devonian shales and is the priority and biggest money maker for RRC.

RRC just sold their Permian assets in order to focus on our area: SW Beaver County and NW Washington County.

hi todd  what exactly are "PERMIAN ASSETS" never heard of such a thing love to know   thankx mark

Hey Mark,

It's a shale play in SE New Mexico and West Texas where Range operates and they have decided to sell off those assets in order to focus on the liquids rich Marcellus ie. our neighborhood! :)  85% of their capital expenditures will be on the liquids rich Marcellus in 2013.



todd thankx for the info interesting kind of like a chess game give up one peice to get anothersounds like it was one of there first investments thankx  mark


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