Thought I'd start a place to post about the Wall Site. Looks like they are fracing it now. This site is less than a mile into Beaver County and less than that from some of Shell's leased land in Lawrence County. (Mine included) If you hear anything , please post it here.

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Is this a utica or marcellus well?

 I don't have time right now, but go check the DEP site and look at their permit. IF it says Wall 8 H, it is anything but a Marcellus well. If it says Wall 4 H M then it is a Marcellus well. At least that is what i've understood it to be.

Any idea on who is fracking this well?

Is that the one on Foxwood Rd.? If it is we just went past there the other day and there was nothing or nobody around.

I haven't been by it but a coworker lives close by it and told me they were fracing. I have no idea who is doing the frac job or if it is Marcellus or Utica.

Thanks Glenn!

You're welcome Ron. I wish I knew more but hopefully more will be posted here as it becomes known.

It's still exciting to me when a new well gets drilled in the area! Let's hope 2013 is a boomer!

The Wall well was perforated a few weeks ago.     They have been doing some pre fracking work the last few days and I think they will be set to frack in a day or two.

Lou Alaksin


I can see from the next hill on my way to work in the wee hours. Lit up like a city! Must be fracing.

Steady stream of water trucks coming and going. Saw 3 or 4 other tanker type semis staged along Shenango Road near the Rt.376 exit. Similar to trailors used to haul dry cement. My guess is they are hauling sand.....? Anyone know how long til we see a flare-off?

It won't be long.... days is my best guess!

You are correct - the trailers are hauling silica sand.   They can unload up to 6 trailers at a time at the well and up to 8 water tankers at a time.   The fracking is being done in 11 stages.    The casing was cleaned and the first stage was perforated in mid dec.    The other 10 stages are plugged and perforated between each fracking session using the wireline truck method.     Have only noticed a few brine waste tankers leaving the site.    There are a lot of people involved in this operation including the many truck drivers.    there are 8 porta-johns set up!


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