I know Allegheny county but almost Beaver..Looks like some thing happening..there is a guard house on site..add any info you have.

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mornin gary  mark west land agent told me that between range/markwest they put the brakes on everything so they could drill a test well in the area it supposedly  is directly related to the development of beaver county some how as we both know it is deadly close to beaver/washington county borders well has been drilled but doubt if it was fracked land agent said it was all good and with the mariner west pipeline so close will be an easy tie in to it (ONCE IT GETS TO VANPORT )

The well in question is on Purdy Road - off 18 near the corner of old steubenville pike and 18. Rig traffic signs were still posted last I looked.
It was drilled in June/July I believe. I saw lots of activity then. Have not driven out to find out exactly where. A friend of mine lives off Johnan road off 168 - a few tri-axles were using that illegally to get out to main road sooner. If it was fracked it certainly hasn't been flared.
That well is right on the county border as you mentioned.
Range has a few wells off Devils Den (Paris Sportsman club) area. I wonder where that pipeline is and of those are flowing.

The DALBO DOMINICK UNIT 1H Well-Pad currently has 6 permitted wells assigned to the site.  It is in Findlay TWP, Allegheny County close to the end of Clinton Frankfurt Rd near the intersection of Rt 30.

Wow... a guard house... only place I've seen that around here is on my old route to work in Carroll County, Ohio!  That's good news!


hey guys

maybe the reason for the guard shack is I heard a few months ago when they where pushing the pad out someone went there and stole a BULLDOZER low-hour machine in broad daylight !!! when I was talking to M.W. land agents about security they ABSOLUTELY refused to put a guard as part of row agreement so I figure RR is once bitten twice shy  P.S. does anybody think its strange that a beaver county landowner started a discussion about an allegheny county well people over there don't care about whats going on in the area makes you wonder

Mark - it's too far out of the way for allegheny residents to care.
Wait until the airport puts in a pad...
I believe I saw rig being delivered on site today.
Got a picture, I'm on my phone so I can't upload.

  lots of activity at the site literal traffic jam at the entrance at about 630 this morning like I said before drill baby drill maybe they'll invade beaver county next!!!

A lot of tankers moving in and out seems like 24/7

Sounds like they're fracking alread? Is the first rig down already?

Gas flair off this morning lighting up the sky, Good news I think.

Can you get a picture of that flare?

One or two of them?

Here you go Jason



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