There is a lot going on in our county lets talk about it. Respond to the past posts.. 

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One well in Independence is being drilled. I just saw a chart on royalties for PA. Very discouraging.

George, I'm glad to hear from someone !...Is the well on the McMichale farm or is it somewhere else.

Gary I was driving down bocktown cork road the other night and I saw what looked like three Wells being fracked or drilled one I know was the Seibel well because l saw it from the road the other looked like it was coming from the Johnny Kinas farm and the other possibly the airport.

Brad thank you for letting Beaver county followers know whats happening in your area. I don't know why everyone on this site from Beaver county has dissapeared!! Keep us posted.

Personally, I disappeared because I got divorced and my husband had all the info.  I finally got the farm! 

Are any of the companies still drilling?  I imagine with Biden as President, I probably missed my window to get in on the money.

Any companies still drilling new wells here in Beaver County or Lawrence?  My property is half in Beaver, half in Lawrence.


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