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The KRIVICKAS UNIT 1H Well-Pad currently has 5 permitted wells assigned to the site. 

Located about halfway between the Blasco Unit (to the west) just south of Andersen Hozak Rd and the Dalbo unit (to the east).

Any activity at this well site?

Krivickas, Seibel, Dalbo, McMichael, and Noss are all being connected to the Smith Pipeline approximately located along Rt 30 in SE Beaver County.  I noticed a Mark West Station with pipeline crossing under Clinton Frankfort Rd in Beaver County not far from the Allegheny County line.  These are all Range sites.

Did they give you a time frame for this to happen?

This is based on emails I have received from the DEP for Hanover TWP.  I don't have a time frame and my property is west of there.  If you are in one of these units or with Range, you could inquire with Range directly for a timeframe.

I talked to Charlie Ehreedt, who is the land contractor for Range and he said it is on Ranges schedule for 2015 but that schedule can change at any time.

Thanks Dave... yeah I was just looking at the spud reports on the DEP website last night and the only wells that have actually been spud in Hanover TWP, Beaver County are 4 Noss wells - 3 Marcellus and 1 Upper Devonian.

Todd I think they only flared 1 M and 1 UD well at Noss. Oh just a rumor from the Seitel Foreman..Noss is one of the highest pressure well in the US..his exact words...

Gary - family member who works for Williams said a similar thing telling me it was Range's best well although nothing has been spoken about it.
Gary & Jason,
What indication did the industry folks give for IP's on the Noss wells?
Should be excellent IP's with extremely high pressure.
I hope your industry contacts are right... That's why those southern Utica wells are going bonkers with triple the best IP you could hope for, ie 30 mmcf/day IP.
Spud basically means the drill bit breaking ground (commencement of drilling).

What is mean't by spud?

Todd - I wasn't able to get the IP numbers. He was certain of it.

I do remember when they flared it - I felt the rumble on the track at South Side school -couple mines away.

Sounded like a jet engine roaring away. To be honest - it's the only one I heard - even the Allison wasn't as loud Because I never it at my house.


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