Mariner West ethane pipeline from Huston PA to Vanport
The regular monthly meeting of the Beaver County Planning Commission was held at 12:30 p.m., on Tuesday, August 21, 2012 at the Beaver County Courthouse in the Planning Commission Conference Room.
Oil & Gas Permits

Potter, Raccoon & Independence Twps  – MarkWest Liberty Midstream & Resources LLC (Mariner West Pipeline) – Mariner West Pipeline Project includes the construction of new ethane transmission pipeline, associated access roads & temporary work space.

Personal comment....This is THE PIPELINE that wil break loose the liquids bottle neck, AND turn Nova Chemical and the Dutch Shell cracker plant into shale gas central.
I've heard the right of way will be 3 lines right from the start (potential for 7 lines)' gathering line from McMichale, Noss, Basco going south, liquids line going to Canada, and dry process gas to sell to industry / generation. Also my comment, construction this winter, .... No bat problem with winter construction.

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Great news, Mike. Keep us posted.
As posted in other Beaver County threads ... "pipeline" and "seismic and pipeline" ...
Right Of Way checks have been released. And reasonable expectation is work to start in Jan. (?) on pipelines from the Washinghton County line thru Independance Twp, Raccoon Twp, Potter Twp, directional Boreing under Ohio River at Nova Chemical and Brighton Twp to a connection with Sunoco Logilistics pipeline.

Markwest investor, and Sunoco Loglistis investor info indicate NGL's flowing by July 2013.

We should all make our postings here for any construction activities.

They started laying out TARS & TWS"S in Potter and Raccoon Twp on Friday. Will keep updating as progress continues.

Lennie - what are "TARS" and TWS"S?
I think they are Temporary Access Road's and Tempoary Work Space's.
These are used / paid for to gain access from public roads to the pipeline right of way. The temp work space is extra space, in addition to the right of way, used to deliver equipment, parking, and pipe lay down area. Some areas can be rather large depending on how many 1000's of feet of pipeline is access / built from each access / laydown area.
They are staking the route of the pipeline thru the woods across from my home. Just off of green garden road. I talked to the surveyors and they said it was going to nova chemical. They were here this past Saturday and Sunday. They said it was 22miles long.
Would Nova be its ultimate destination?
Yes from what they told me on Saturday. They also confirmed boring under the river.
Road crossings are clearly marked on Green Garden, Davis, And Service Creek. Temporary access heading into the woods are also flagged. Wetlands also appear to be flagged at Service Creek.
Do u know what the certain colors are? Blue, orange ect?
The newest flag tapes have been blue, and along with the survey stakes LOD, are marking the Limit Of Disturbance. Basically the limit of any digging, i.e. the edge of the right of way. Orange flage are usually markers for Wetlands. Wetlands are usually avoided, by going around or a short underground directional boring from one side to the other. I have seen black flags at a temporary access road. There are also stakes with POL, Point On Line. I think this is along strait survey lines, about every 100-200 feet.
They have started dropping trees in the ROW between Service Creek Rd and Tank Farm Rd. I see they are building rock construction entrances where they leave the paved roads.

On a side note Beaver County group has slowly increased our membership up to 135 ! !


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