Mariner West ethane pipeline from Huston PA to Vanport
The regular monthly meeting of the Beaver County Planning Commission was held at 12:30 p.m., on Tuesday, August 21, 2012 at the Beaver County Courthouse in the Planning Commission Conference Room.
Oil & Gas Permits

Potter, Raccoon & Independence Twps  – MarkWest Liberty Midstream & Resources LLC (Mariner West Pipeline) – Mariner West Pipeline Project includes the construction of new ethane transmission pipeline, associated access roads & temporary work space.

Personal comment....This is THE PIPELINE that wil break loose the liquids bottle neck, AND turn Nova Chemical and the Dutch Shell cracker plant into shale gas central.
I've heard the right of way will be 3 lines right from the start (potential for 7 lines)' gathering line from McMichale, Noss, Basco going south, liquids line going to Canada, and dry process gas to sell to industry / generation. Also my comment, construction this winter, .... No bat problem with winter construction.

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Any idea when they will have this line operational. Also do they have an idea when they will be putting the wells into production???

Not sure. This is the second time they are going thru. The first time it was laid out with a gps. This time they are actually using a transit, they said it was more accurate doimg it the "old fashion way" . They are only moving the stakes a few feet here or there. Then theu told me they submit the route when its done for final approval. They were here again yesterday but this time there was about 4 or 5 trucks. Next time i see them i'll be sure to ask more questions about a time frame.

Mariner West: operational in 2nd half of 2013. Sarnia, Ontario. Nova Chemicals and others.

Mariner East: mid 2014 propane 1st half 2015 Ethane chilling plant, storage and transfer to LPG carriers at Sunoco Dock.

ATEX: 1st qtr of 2014 largest market and storage in U.S. (for now).

Info from RRC latest report. 

I see they are clearing a path for the pipeline on rt 151 at the bottom of millers hill. Trees are cleared,and shallow trench dug.

Are they heading north and or south at that location on 151?

They are going north from rt 151. A friend told me they are working by hookstown grade road near the mcmicheals well.

Makes sense that RRC already has 9 permits for the McMichael pad due to close proximity to the Mariner West Pipeline!

Does anybody know if this contract / construction is connected with Mariner West pipeline?

Pedero Pipe Support Systems USA was awarded a contract by Otis Eastern Service Inc. to spray foam breakers and pillows on 9,000 ft of 12-in. pipeline in Beaver County, Pa. Headquarters is Vanport, Pa. The superintendent is Skip Holley. Approximate start date: Dec. 10, 2012. Info is from
I saw new construction entrances built on both sides of Green Garden Road, near Gums Run Rd.Raccoon Twp.

Has anyone seen pipe delivered or being installed yet?
Not yet. They just put the machines here 2 days ago.
Here's some news - Price Gregory, an international pipeline company - is moving into the former airport property on Rt18 near Richie Brothers auction site.
They had a lot of trucks moving in today. Two penn dot warning signs were warning n/s bound traffic to watch for trucks.
As I looked down the 1/2 mile drive to where the activity was - it's obvious they are moving in for the long haul.
A week before I noticed about 6-10 office trailers around the perimeter.

Huge sign along route 18 said Price Gregory.

Great news Jason!

Thanks for the update! 

It's heatin up 'round here. :)


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