Mariner West ethane pipeline from Huston PA to Vanport
The regular monthly meeting of the Beaver County Planning Commission was held at 12:30 p.m., on Tuesday, August 21, 2012 at the Beaver County Courthouse in the Planning Commission Conference Room.
Oil & Gas Permits

Potter, Raccoon & Independence Twps  – MarkWest Liberty Midstream & Resources LLC (Mariner West Pipeline) – Mariner West Pipeline Project includes the construction of new ethane transmission pipeline, associated access roads & temporary work space.

Personal comment....This is THE PIPELINE that wil break loose the liquids bottle neck, AND turn Nova Chemical and the Dutch Shell cracker plant into shale gas central.
I've heard the right of way will be 3 lines right from the start (potential for 7 lines)' gathering line from McMichale, Noss, Basco going south, liquids line going to Canada, and dry process gas to sell to industry / generation. Also my comment, construction this winter, .... No bat problem with winter construction.

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Nice picture Mike... where is that located?

One more, I thought I had attached 2 pictures the first time
Most all of the lines in this area are welded, trenched, buried, and covered! DONE

If you have not run on Rt 18 near Nova Chemical in are missing the show.Sheehan Pipe Line Construction Company of  Tulsa, Oklahoma is in the former Kobuta Hotel . They have a storage and equiptment behind were the old appartments buildings( ARMY style buildings) were. They are setting the river bore up. punch out locations north of Rt 68 marked on roads. work is to start ASAP. I heard they are going to work 7-24 to complete the line on time.

I am glad to hear that SUNOCO is using the oldest pipeline construction company. They have a great reputation. 


Does anyone know who replaced price-gregory in the construction of the pipe line ?  seen some equipment show up around tues. at there old yard on route 18  maybe gearing up again ANY THOUGHTS ?  thankx  mark  p.s. who is doing construction out by seibel farms off of route 30 outside of clinton pa ?


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