Has anyone heard of a time line for the pipe line to reach the Noss unit to put it on line? Range says call Mark West, Mark West says call Range. I see pipe line being layed on Rt 168, word is its going through Raccoon Park and across Park Road.

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The RRC quarterly report said around the end of 2013..they only refer to them as the , new step out wells, in my opinion the Noss wells..I have been following RRC reports and I am sure they are talking about the Noss wells.

Thanks Gary that would make sense,since I was told by range that it would be sometime next year, however that person no longer works for them. What is the RRC report so I can start reading it.

George - what part of 168? Hookstown or toward Frankfurt springs?

Frankfurt Springs near the golf course.

The pipe line being  installed through Raccoon Park now is the Mariner West Extenison from Houston,Pa to Sunoco Pipe Line in Vanport, Pa, as I was told by Mark West. This line needs to be complete by the thrid quarter of 2013 to start pushing ethanol by the fourth quarter.  This line has no connection with the Shell Cracker Plant.

Lennie - are they coming north on 18 or taking it east toward 980?
I've driven up and down 168 and 18 and haven't seen anything different.
Thanks in advance.

Jason, I followed the layout starting at Nova Chemical route 18 thru Potter Twp into Raccoon Twp crossing Green Garden Road continuing thru Raccoon crossing Service creek road into Independence Twp across Tank farm road continuing thru crossing Route 151 and heading to McMicheals well pad. Continues on and crosses Route 30 and heads thru Hanover Twp toward Raccoon State Park running parallel with Route 18 then I lose it.I searched along Route 168 from Frankfort Springs to Route 30 and could not locate any pipeline activity.

Interesting. I've seen meetings recently posted for seismic in Hookstown in late January.
I'm sure they're getting ready to dig now. People in this area are not the Nimby crowd / not in my back yard. If worked with fairly and honestly - the area owners and farmers will be happy to move this on to completion.

Pipeline installation for Mark West will break wide open starting in January 2013.Row are approved for both sides of the river.Checks to property owners have been released.


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