Rich and Brad posted in the comments section regarding Range's leasing interest in Independence and Hopewell TWP's and I have heard of Range's interest in land in western Hanover TWP which is currently under a Chesapeake lease.

Any other news regarding Range's leasing activity and areas of interest?



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This link will become it's own discussion page once ground is broken. Southern Beaver County will now finally see signs of upcoming production.

This link provides a map so detailed a landowner will be able to tell in a few seconds if their land is in the pathway.
Range drilled a well off Purdy Road (near 18/22) within the last year. Also the Paris Sportsman Club wells will easily connect with this pipeline.
Great things happening.

 hey jason
love the link to hillman complex  thankx jason as best I can figure from markwest 2q news release they want the hillman complex to be on line by the first quarter of 2016 thats a whole lot of construction real soon which makes me wonder for those people trying to cut a deal whether they will get the take it or leave it line and if that map stays true to its course there will be people displaced because of it or at least inconvenienced at the very least I was out in the cadiz ohio area a few months ago   ooooh baby alot of construction traffic fortunately it will be temporary growing pains if you will

Jason --
Pages 3 & 4 - Appears that the Hillman Natural Gas Processing Plant will be constructed in Florence, PA at Hillman State Park across Old Steubenville Pike from the Star Pointe Industrial Complex! 
Thanks again for finding these extremely detailed maps that ETP (Energy Transfer Partners) updated for us!

yeah gary they have 2 proposed routes 1 is about 200yards south of me the other is about 100 yards north of me  can anybody say "potential impact radius" I smell cash LOL

Todd, Thanks for the post on Range mapping. If the blue NGLP line is the new one they just put in last year or at least 50 miles or so of it and the red one right next to it is for dry gas these are within hundreds of yards of my property. Infrastructure is already there.Do you think these can be to my benefit next go around with Range?
Todd, If you look at page 16 my property is to the upper left corner of greater Pittsburgh area "gray area" in the green next to blue NGLP and red dry gas lines.


Yes - that NGL pipeline line appears to be the Mariner West pipeline headed to Sarnia, Ontario that you're referring to.  Absolutely - you're located in an ideal location!  The closer the infrastructure, the easier it is to get you connected.  All this oil and gas isn't worth much until they can get it out from underneath us and send it away for energy production.  A lot of infrastructure is in the works for most everyone in our forum via Williams Partners as well, either directly via Ohio Valley Midstream or indirectly via the recent Access Midstream acquisition...

See slides 10 and 12:


Williams Announces Open Season for Transco Western Marcellus Pipeline Project
9/4/2014 4:00:00 PM

"The Western Marcellus Pipeline Project will for the first time offer Western Marcellus and Utica producers serviced by Williams' Ohio Valley Midstream direct access to the broad range of Transco markets in the Mid-Atlantic and southeastern states, as far south as Florida," said Rory Miller, senior vice president of Williams' Atlantic-Gulf Operating       Area. "In addition, this groundbreaking project would provide enhanced supply access for burgeoning Louisiana and Texas Gulf Coast markets accessible through our Station 65 pool."


Found that article about the company fracking the Clinton sandstone.
Could be good...
"Ohio is not the first state where drillers are starting to look beyond the Utica and Marcellus shales, said Dr. Robert Chase, professor and chair of the Department of Petroleum Engineering and Geology at Marietta College.

Drillers in Pennsylvania and Kentucky have both started drilling into shallower sandstones, he said.

"From what I can see, there’s no real risk," he said. "The potential impacts for drillers and for landowners could be really big."

Drilling horizontal wells in the Clinton sandstone could boost production and provide bigger payments for landowners and drillers, he said.

Landowners could see significantly more revenue from increased production, if the new horizontal wells are successful, he said."

Oh man just love that 80-120 acre figure. Bet I could fit two 1500' ones in our 120.74 acres. Any wells that hit gas and no oil were just plugged.
$1MM is high, $250-$500M is more like it.
Hmmm, want to lease Our Utica as a signing bonus I want a tight sands well.
Thanks Todd.

You're welcome Tim...

Please let me know what else you find regarding the Tight Sandstone Plays in our area!

Thanks, Todd

Lot's of info on Tight Sands. I thought I posted this before but maybe not.


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