Just curious if anybody has seen continued work by Shell at the old Horsehead plant.  By the same token, has anybody heard any rumblings as to how things are coming along? 

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Shell reports a third quarter loss of 7.4 billion dollars.  They also suspend the Cameron Creek oil sands development in Canada and suspended the Alaksan offshore drilling due to a very disappointing "dry" well.  

I take this as a good sign that the Beaver cracker plant will have less projects to compete with internally in the company moving forwards.  I just hope financially they are still in good condition to move forwards with this project.

The other development is the merger with the BG Group which is to be completed in early 2016 if things go as planned. 



Has anyone else heard the rumor about Shell buying the Beaver Valley Mall for office site?

Hehe, yes...about a month ago I was told this and I kept my mouth shut 'cause I couldn't find a second source. Now we have two reports, which still means nothing I suppose!

I was told the same about the use of the property, plus the fact that if they buy the Mall property it will no longer be a property open to the public. If it stays open to the public, like a mall, they will have to build a blast wall nearby incase of an explosion at the Cracker plant. So, a large expenditure is done away with.

I don't know how true any of it is.

What I was told is that Shell bought 150 acres between 376 and the mall to put up offices.

My source works @ Ollie's.

Oh come on guys, let's use some common sense.

A blast wall between the mall and the cracker plant? What about the interstate and major river crossing that see over 25,000 vehicles a day? No blast wall to protect those? And the mall is 3/4 of a mile from the interstate, let alone the 350' vertical difference between the site and the mall. How tall of a blast wall would that have to be? 84 lumber and the residential part of Vanport will be closer than the mall, and much more susceptible to a potential blast.

And why would Shell let Columbia Gas and others start building between the mall and the cracker site? Would be a lot cheaper to buy vacant property than to buy buildings that were just built.

But I did hear that they have an agreement to buy the vacant Michael Baker office building on Dutch Ridge Road, just up the interstate. And that I heard from a Baker employee, who is from Allegheny County and doesn't know nor care much about the cracker.

The land that I'm talking about is vacant.

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