Added Monro unit. Amended Atgas, Krise South, ACW, SGL 12D West, Bellows L South and TWL Associates units.

Also something different Chief applied for new permits on existing Chesapeake pads (Laurel and Belawske).

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FYI. Be aware that as of this time, one of the Working Interest owners (gas company) associated with Chief operated wells DOES NOT pay Royalty to Chesapeake Lease owners.  I've been in contact with a representative of Enerplus who has informed me that they "have no agreement to pay Royalties on Chesapeake Leases".  They informed me that they've been trying to get Chief to market their share of the gas.

We have a Chesapeake lease but have property in a Chief Well (Kaufmann well--Wilmot Two, Bradford County).  Two years ago Chief split the Kaufmann unit into East and West units.  The number of Working Interest owners increased but Enerplus never made Royalty payments.  Last year I started inquiring and found out the above information.  I have not received any reply from Chief or Chesapeake on this matter.  I was also informed that I'm not alone with the problem and others have the same situation.

I would advise anyone with a Chesapeake Lease but a Chief well to confirm the list of Working Interest owners and the total of them should equal 100%.  If someone has additional information, please share it with the rest of us.


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