Added Lucy South unit. Amended Hottenstein, Lightcap, Yost, Uncle John, Raimo, Howland Lent South, Welles 5 South, Susan, Redbone, Alkan North, Stempel, PMG God, Laurel, Josguswa, Maggie Champlin, Roy and Young R units.

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Thank you wayne cj

Bradford co use to be the hub of the gas industry. Now nothing. Does anybody hear anything that might be going on with drilling and fracking in the near  future. chesapeake just letting things ride for now as most of us are receiving royalties on a unit with only one well. Its funny to think back to 7-10 years ago when the land men were telling us about 10-20 wells on a unit and how much we would be making. Most of us getting a few extra bucks in our pocket now and for the most part its pretty much what we hoped for. At least its a little less noisy around the house living next to route 6.

I can't say anything about future plans, but drilling is not entirely dead. CHK just drilled two additional wells on the YOST unit in Franklin. They also keep renewing the permits for additional wells on the ATGAS and ACW units in Leroy so I assume they will drill those eventually.

Cheif is trying to to re sign at 3 to 5,000.00 acre wylusing area cj

Cheif and SW are busy drilling in the Stevens township area

Yes they are! I'm glad CHK sold my lease to Southwestern in 2011.


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