Amended Oilcan, Knickerbocker, Johnson West, Rocks North, Savage and Storch S units.

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Thanks for all the info. . these maps are great!  What a good resource. . can you help out. . I own a few acres parcel 29-065.00-027 in Pike township (address is 1606 Saw Mill Road, Leraysville.  Can you tell me if it is in that Bucks Unit by CHK or just outside?  When looking at the permit I cant determine .. but based on your map it sure looks like its in the unit. . thanks for any help!  Is CHK fully developing these or just drilling one well then moving on?

Thanks for any guidance!


Also what is red vs yellow vs green? color coding. . thanks!

There is a declaration of pooling recorded for the Buck Hills Unit. I don't see your parcel referenced of the DOP. I don't think that this well is producing regardless though.

thanks Jesse

No you are not in that unit. There has been no production up to July. CHK has been only drilling additional wells in established high production units.

Bucks Hill is a strange unit in that it is a CHK operated unit all alone in the middle of Talisman territory with their different angle of orientation which makes joining with adjacent units difficult.

Green is Talisman, red is Southwestern, yellow is Chesapeake, blue is Chief, orange is Enron, purple is Shell (was East Resources).

thanks! my lease is up soon .. any suggestions is Talisman taking leases or ?  What is the current market on that end of things. . I know its weak pricing environment but just trying to figure it all out.  Tha

nks Wayne!


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