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Is my page not updating, or is there no longer any discussions on the Bradford County site???

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I think it's pretty much a dead issue.....I have not seen any activity near me since Repsol drilled a well at the opposite end of Gorham Rd from where I am....

I received some correspondence from Repsol about a month ago in regards to inquiring about any old wells that we know of on our property. I am near the Buck's hill well. Anyone know how that well is doing?

I was and still am confused by the relationship of and
All my Bradford Co unit map updates are on
Anyone know what is what?

I don't understand it either and gave up trying to find your map updates. I thought you did an awesome job and miss seeing them. 

I was and still am confused by the relationship of and All my Bradford Co unit map updates are on Anyone know what is what?

Wayne, I have been watching for your updates for quite sometime and thought you just stopped posting. What the heck happened to this group?

I disagree that it is all a dead issue. My friend who lives out past Morgan Davis near the Stasiak wells told me that he is seeing LOTS of activity in the area and it is increasing.
I am near the NE Bradford Schools and there is nothing happening there...

I am again watching the DEP permitting site. A few permits show up for new wells but those seem to be for Chief and predominantly in the Overton area. The supply of gas in storage remains high and with natural gas produced as a byproduct of oil well drilling activity in other areas of the US, my guess is we will see only maintenance activity on well pads. Gas companies do occasionally file for permits now but that is often to avoid future higher cost permits. We, as a country, are exporting LNG now but not a large amount. Geo-politics can change and that volume may go up or down as the countries of the world sort out trade issues. To summarize, don’t expect a significant change for awhile.


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