I received a letter from a landman representing BOP interested in discussing a lease on my land (60 acres in Fairview township).

I was in a lease with Chevron until last year when they decided not to renew the lease.

Has anyone had a lease with Edgemarc or dealings with BOP?  Are the good to deal with and does anyone know what they are currently offering in the area for the per acre bonus and royalty?

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Many thanks for your thoughts!

After deductions you end up with very little money. It’s not worth it. These gas companies and thier deductions seem to be a scam. It’s just another way to take from you
Just spoke to the BOP landman. Edgemarc is putting acquiring new leases in Fairview Township on hold to allow them to have enough money on hand to bid on the REX holdings that are to be auctioned off soon.

I'm really curious who all is bidding on Rex's land

The sale hearing is Aug 23,2018 for Rex assets. Rex still paying royalties on time, got mine today!!


Any news on the sales hearing?

I haven't heard a thing.  Although i did read somewhere they may have to postpone it because the SEC rejected the papers or something to that.

I think that it's been delayed until the 30th

Has anyone recently talked to Edgemarc or BOP? I haven’t talked to them in about 6 weeks, last offer I heard was $2000 and 15%? Anyone know what the current offer is? Thanks.

Saw some activity around the  Slippery Rock area visible from I-79. Anyone have info. is this  well activity or starting to build a processing plant.

Where!? I've seen some permits go through occasionally, but that was a while ago.


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