I received a letter from a landman representing BOP interested in discussing a lease on my land (60 acres in Fairview township).

I was in a lease with Chevron until last year when they decided not to renew the lease.

Has anyone had a lease with Edgemarc or dealings with BOP?  Are the good to deal with and does anyone know what they are currently offering in the area for the per acre bonus and royalty?

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Looks like a large flare stack at Slippery Rock exit south bound I-79.

I checked the emails and the recent permits in that area are for HALTERLEIN (Mercer Twp) and WILLIAMS (Slippery Rock Twp)

Thanks. I'll take that to be a well site, was hoping for a plant.

Well, to the best of my knowledge there's no pipeline up there. If they're flaring, there will be one soon.

I drove up there, but couldn't find it

The more I think about it, I did see a permit for something other than a well in that general area. I can't find the email though.

Are you talking about the spot right on the west side of the I-79 / Route 108 Slippery Rock exit? I believe that it's a new Sheetz.


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