i have info on afew pad sites 4 marcellus, 4 burkett, average mileage is 3.5 square miles, 7840 acres per well pad site, gathering land so not to pay, i know a washington  co owner with 2 wells on 400+ acres, rex = no good.bend over people.

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Its probably un the lease. The bclg leases are up to 1280.
I recall 10 acres for a Pad.

total acres with in the units, not the pad it self.one site, multi bores, how much land is gathered in a pad site, its alot.

That would depend on the company and the size of the unit as well as how many units are based from one well pad. Average XTO unit for example is 640 acres with a plus tolerance of 10% or a maximum of 704 acres. Most of their units are smaller than the maximum. 640 acres is 1 square mile for reference. Most pads have two units using the same pad which the pad can range in size from 3-10 or more acres depending on how many wells are drilled on that pad.  Other companies may have larger units, I personal am in a REX Energy unit that contains over 1500 acres so if there are two units from that pad then that pad would service over 3000 acres. I also have seen three or more units coming off the same pad so you can do the math and figure that yourself. I hope this answers any questions that you may have.


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