I saw through the DEP notification service, that rex is working on permits for two new wells. Reed in Slippery Rock Twp and Kellogg in Mercer Twp. Does that make sense to anybody?

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Just because Rex filed for bankruptcy doesn't mean Rex will not exist when it's all over. Bankruptcy usually means people you owe money to, accept pennies on the dollar, or in non legalize, they get the shaft!!

They're also working on a processing facility in mercer twp

Jon, those are old permits.  They are notifications.  I believe they are notifying the DEP that they are closing down those permits.  They were permits that Swepi had obtained, and been transferred to Rex. I think they are cleaning house getting ready for the sale.

They were submitted Thursday and the status is pending not cancelled.

If you look under the "App type", is says notification, not new.  


If you copy and past that link, it will take you to the Kellog permit, then Click on the Blue "kellogg 2065", 

and scroll down, you will see it was applied for on 7/20/2012.

then transferred on 9/15/14, right after Rex bought the assets of Swepi in the area.

Well, I'm going to see if I can find it's location and check it occasionally. My understanding is at least for those well pads that in rex's situation the driller could have taken them from rex and be drilling them on their own and just giving rex some of the royalties. It could be the same thing, someone else took it from them.

if your leaving slippery rock on Grove city road, you turn right onto Shields road.  The Kellogg well pad was suppose to be on the Left about halfway to Harmony Road.  The Kellogg family has fields on the left, and in the middle of the fields, they have a driveway going to the back.  That was suppose to be the entrance to the well pad.  If you continue just passed Harmony road, the processing plant was suppose to be on the Right.  Jon, have you been up that way lately?  Right after you pass where the processing plant is, on the left Rex has some wells that Swepi drilled.  I heard they were suppose to Plug them, but i haven't been passed that area in awhile.  If you drive pass, please let me know, i would be interested.

Not sure about those. Puryear was plugged, because he had a clause in the lease that said if they didnt connect it within a certain amount of time they had to plug it. I know that they negotiated with him about it when the time came. No clue what, but it was plugged. It could be the same thing with those. I'll try to get up there at some point.


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