Is anyone in the group knowledgeable about current events, particularly near Overbrook Road?  What type of unitization is in process for what well?

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Wow....this is crazy.

I really like how the parent group has a video on their website with a landower (surface owner I should say) showing the air monitor they have. When did you start monitoring the air, when you first moved to that house, or just recently? And the levels on the monitor does it tell you what is actually in the air, like actual matter? Also it says they moved there a year ago....okay so you know this Marcellus play has been going on since 2004 right, and your moving out to what you think is "country" did you not put it together at your closing when the title company came back and said you don't own your oil and gas rights. Pretty much all closings have a title company doing an abstract.  What did you think that meant, that the owner of those rights wasn't going to develop them? Pretty much all the new developments in Adams and Middlesex twps all derived from farm land, and I think its who of you when your going to buy property to know, okay I'm only the surface owner, that means any kind of development could happen with the land "underneath" especially that I'm right in the middle of the Marcellus play. Come on people.

I think I'm going to go to my first school board meeting tonight and the next township meeting just to see how ridiculous this is getting out of hand.


Donna, do you happen to have a link to that site. I would like to watch that video. Thanks

Good points Donna. Where did you learn they don't own their O&G rights? And the air monitor? I saw the camera shots taken from a very high point. Looked to be a bit deceiving if one didn't know the layout of the land.
Good question RB.

Donna- How do you know they do not have their oil and gas rights? Just because someone recently moved to the township does not necessarily mean they live in a housing plan. We need to make sure the facts are accurate. The opposing side appears to do this well. Thank you Donna.
Please come Donna. We really need all the support we can get. By the way, Mars School District has one of the highest debt loads of all the Butler County Schools and the School board thought it was a good idea to turn down a drilling lease and cut off the Mars Home for Youth from being able to sign one???
Welcome to the world of the progressive mindset at the grass roots level. You have been invaded.

Susan, Jane Denise, please let me know how the meetings go.  I can't attend but sure wish I could attend.

KAR, you are right.  It has turned into a legal battle. REX sent letters out to the Geyer unit and unfortunately two other nearby units affected by the force majeure. I guess it gets put on hold.  It is an uncommon occurrence but is referenced in the lease.

Force Majeure is not uncommon.  Phillips/XTO used it against landowners when Penn Township refused to issue drilling permits.  Landowners sued Phillips/XTO (to get the clock back running on their leases) and lost.  Eventually, XTO came in and out lawyered Penn Township and the Township backed down.


unfortunately I can not attend any meetings that occur on Tuesdays.   I have class.   but I am very interested.    I can get hubby to Adams Township meetings but I doubt he will go to school meetings.

Came across this article, mostly old information. It does state that it was only four residents along with two environmental groups (recruited by them surely) that appealed changes to  the Middlesex zoning ordinance.  Maybe only four names were used.

It is 3 Weatherburn residents and 1 of my neighbors from Forsythe Rd who has been using my farm as her backyard for years and now thinks it is a good idea to sue.  They would need Middlesex Twp. names on the lawsuit.  Just heard the REX CFO has resigned. 


I doubt that had anything to do. Probably just going to a better position.


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