Is anyone in the group knowledgeable about current events, particularly near Overbrook Road?  What type of unitization is in process for what well?

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Saw a headline said 15 property owners told school district it should lease to Rex.

Who are the three Zoning Hearing Board members?



Term Expires

George Born, Chairman

December 31, 2012

Brendan Ryan, Vice-Chairman

December 31, 2013

Howard Morse, Member

December 31, 2011

John Morgan, Alternate

December 31, 2011

That was from the Twp website,,,,now that I look at the termdates ...hmmmm

Are they elected?  Appointed? Local? Pittsburgh? Harrisburg? Philly?


Web site does not really say elected /appointed...I am guessing appointed.

Local, I believe, did a search the old fashioned way... found two of them in the phone book, the fat paper type. lol

As I noted above Phil, I do not think it matters which way the ruling goes, the objective is just to drag things out as long as possible. Just gonna cost the Twp. money in lawyers etc.

Not elected, volunteer/appointed.  Like most of these types of  positions they are thankless and done by good people trying to do good for the municpality.  It is always hard to find people to take these positions which is why they usually run past their term. 

is Tues the first meeting Middlesex has had like this?    Adams has had one and I can go over what the anti frackers will say that way you all can get it in your speeches before they do.    busy  week end but will check when I can.

sounds good

top issues of the anti frackers at the Adams meeting I went to...

traffic     .....   a good reply would be where were they when the discussion of rt 228

air pollution   ...  Pennsylvania has some of the strictest regulations for this industry.   EPA and DEP monitor air quality.

water  .... even though it was not brought up it is a favorite of theirs....Per NY times a test of PA water was done prior to fracking in an area, it was found that our water does not meet drinking standards prior to fracking.....heck certain times of the year I have oil on my water and my well is only 5 yrs old and do not have buried tanks.

school evacuation....Rex is working with school and first responders and there are other industries that are more dangerous and here 24/7 365 days a year and there is no plan that I know of for them.    accidents in all industries happen, we hear more about coal mine accidents then we do fracking and there are more well sites then coal mines.

they will bring their kids holding signs that supporters of property rights hate kids....well I was not the one to take my child to such a powder keg of a meeting.    they will let the teens talk...sorry the teens don't pay property tax or own property  nor can they vote they shouldn't be allowed to speak

the last think and my favorite is.....Good Neighbor, that supporters are not being good neighbors....why when we want to protect our rights are we the bad neighbors.   they are the bad neighbors by telling us what we allowed to do with our property.    it is our right to sell, lease or hold our property, whether above or below the ground.   those of us that own our property rights own to the middle of the earth and above in the air for as far as we can control.

I would throw in a speech that we are a country of laws not of men, which means our elected officials are there to uphold the laws not cave to the mob at their door at that time.   and property rights are in jeopardy here.

at one time people believed that you respected the area....if you didn't like the religion, culture ect of the are you moved on you did not try to change it.   there are areas that do not want or allow fracking they can move there, there are places that tell you you cant fly an American flag, have a bird bath , what color your house can be what color drapes you can have, even what type of car you can park in the neighborhood.   I do not live in that type of area they need to keep their fingers off my rights and move to an area where they like the existing laws.

they cant make our property rights illegal it is not the American way.   they can move to Cranberry, no drilling there.

Denise, Thank you for all the good points of discussion.  They are very helpful.  I will let you know what happens on Tues.  Things are really heating up.  Kim Geyer put an ad/paper in the Butler Eagle Wed. evening, front section. The Trib may pick up another of her white papers she has written.  If you can't find it, I will try to scan in here. 


I didn't find them on line.    I am real curious of what happens Tues.    about an acre of my farm is Middlesex we do not pay Middlesex taxes just Adams so I doubt we would be able to speak.   We are considered Adams residents.   if I were available I know I could attend but I would rather someone that can support property rights go and speak.   Middlesex and Adams usually mirror each other so we need to keep them both property right friendly.   and trust me even if property rights win this time, they don't stop.   they attend every meeting at Adams and complain.   this will be a long fight.   we need to keep it up until everyone that wants drilled is drilled.    there is write-ups quoting science on both sides so they can grab what they want,.

if all these enviroweenies, animal right extremist and chicken littles existed in our past.   we all would be walking everywhere and eating chemicals.    and prob burning dung to heat.    if they knew how many people would die in car accidents would we be driving, cant ride a horse in areas now and plants to some of them have souls.    lets just step back to the dark ages.

accidents happen in every industry.   science and experience just need to figure out how to lessen them not eliminate the industry.    Geyers better watch those crazies, next the dust from farming will be too much and they will ban that.


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