Is anyone out there considering joining a group being formed in Cambria county by a marketing group called Co-Exprise and a group of attorney's near Pittsburgh.  They have been conducting meetings at the Ebensburg courthouse.  We have attended one meeting so far.  They sound legit but I am wondering what others are thinking.

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Don't know about them but interested. Ed Luther
Their next meeting is May 3rd 6pm at the courthouse in Ebensburg
Thank you. Are you aware of the group in and around Loretto, Pa. Wylands head it up. They can add you to email.


I was not aware of that group.  Who can I email to get info?

The Loretto Landowners Group started several years ago.  We focused on building our group in Allegheny and surrounding Townships.  Basically the central part of the Cambria County.  Our goal was to build contiguous ground and not worry about quantity.  We did not want acreage scattered across the county.  We are close to 28,000 acres and are already out for bid.  We are expecting to start reviewing offers by the end of this month.  There has been a lot of interest in our group so far.   My email is

Thank you. Please stay in touch. Ed luther



Do your homework....and lots of it.  It seems there is an awful lot of "information" or "mis-information" out there.  It is up to each and every one of us to get to the bottom line and do what makes sense.  Good luck.



Thank you. Ed


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