Saturday we saw a helicopter with a "package" at the end of a long cable descend and nearly land in the neighbor's field. I could not tell what it was doing. Has anyone has any experience with this?


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I had a gentleman from a tree trimming service approach me the other day stating they are clearing power lines using helicopters with a long boom and a saw package at the end to reach the trees easier and do less damage to property. They would still come and dispose of the debris with a chipper, etc.

This might be what you saw.


They are taking and picking up supplies from the field workers for the seismic testing that is occurring.

I believe Bryan is correct. I read that somewhere as well. Maybe the daily digger?!

They are dropping bags of geophones and lithium battery power packs for the seismic guys to retrieve and place in position. The bags I inspected were made in Canada and the sling lifting hardware was made in China...scary thought. Sensors were made in Texas.

The helo was based out of the old Hoot Owl bar parking lot on route 43 for most of the summer.

Unionite is also on the money. There was a couple of helos with boom mounted saws performing line patrol on high tension right-of-ways this summer and fall.

PK, May I ask if this activity is around your Dad's property on Clay Road? -Denver
It is dropping seismic testing gear. Common in PA. Sometimes one is given notice. Or, sometimes the gear is just lying on the forest floor as you walk by it hiking. Or might even interrupt a picnic hovering overhead and blowing paper plates off your table!
No, Denver, this is near my property. I am just south of the Carrollton International Airport (which is a bit busier these days)

My dad reports a lot of helicopter activity on and around Clay road but he has not seen the helicopter actually drop something off (but we are assuming it is being used for the same activities)

The helicopters have been around Rose Twp. the last three weekends. This last weekend the helicopter was back and forth across the Ramsey farm 6 times. Once hovering in different areas for a minute or so. There were guys in Yellow safety vests hiking all around the farm. Seismic testing in full swing. There are sensors all over the farm. Enough testing. LET"S DRILL !!!!!!!!

Gerald, I sure am getting anxious to see some drilling and checks. Tell your wife since the Pooling Unit is in her family name you and I think it is her responsibility to get things going. Just kidding. Tell her hi and when the big checks come in Sandy and I will buy you guys dinner. - Denver

When I first heard of this I thought, "Is PA really looked upon as a 'developing country'?" Well?

Deborah, I would be interested in your position on two things (w/ your background you know better then I). First, w/ your experience in PA does it seem the oil companies are moving at a normal pace here in Carroll Co.? I know such things have many variables, just trying to get some expertise. Second, I have spoken with quite a few people who are not happy w/ lease offers from oil companies. This, I realize is a foolish question before asked, are the oil companies open to negotiations or are they totally inflexible? - Denver

Denver -

As a researcher of the activity in PA, no longer a resident, and not a lease-holder I highly recommend you begin by joining the Bradford County group on this excellent blog. I have met with many residents (lease holders and non-lease holders), businesses (local to multi-nat'l), and local government officials in the state. Bradford County is where a high level of the activity, if not most of the activity, is taking place. Simply pose your same questions above to that group and you will get results from professional and citizen expertise. You might define' the pace of oil companies drilling in Carroll County' so they can have information to compare. You are certainly in the thick of it!

There are NO foolish questions. Questions must be raised and information shared to make the best of a quickly evolving situation.

Enjoy the conversation.



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