Does anyone  know what the second helocopter in the area is doing? The first helicopter is droping and picking up line and material. I see them running grid patterns alot in my area.  The Second chopper is going through about once a week or so running east to west in much closer grid pattern, im assuming reading data.  Does anyone know for sure? 

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Hopeful, may I ask what part of the County you are seeing them? - Denver

Two weeks ago, I saw a Helicpoter carrying a Bright Orange bag. It was heading West across SR-9 just north of Augusta. I believe it was carrying the ANFO for the seismic testing that is occuring in that area.


Northern Carroll County, Ive seen the helicopter carrying the bags often, but there is a second helicoper that is flying the area very low, with no bags below, it looks like something sticking out both side of the doors on chopper.

Might be looking for pot. This is the time of year when they go looking for it.


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