I heard, today, that Chesapeake has been "chased off" by Nider and that he won't let them back on his land to drill the second well.  He is supposedly very angry with Chesapeake for "ruining his land".

I also heard that he is filing a lawsuit against Chesapeake and that his first royalty payment for 60k is being held in escrow pending the lawsuit.

Does anyone know if this is true and, if so, why the lawsuit?

It could be a sign of things to come.

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might watch commenting on what you know nothing about; the dad and mom live on the farm and have all their lives

Considering this story  Reply by Billy Park Whyde on SaturdayDelete

Is this the Neider  property your your talking about? 


if it is it is interesting as if CHK has torn things all to H it rather makes them look rather bad to land owners property concerns. But it does look like acomplaint was made.


 I personally visited the well site. I think Chesapeake did a very nice job. Who else has actually visited this well site? What do you see that Chesapeake did incorrectly or poorly? It appears the Neider's signed an O&G lease and now regret having a Well Pad and a Compressor Station.

  On the other hand the FARM is in really rough shape.

 What was the nature of the court complaint. Did you see some Court documentation ?


Well Utica I have not seen the well site ( I never said it was a mess) I pointed out that looks like a relative in that article had a bone to chew on. 

 I guess i could call up the court house up their and see what I could find out tomorrow. A gripe I have is that counties do not have the same systems set up in records searches grr 

I have seen a number of the wells in this area and really can't complain about any of them.  Frankly, they look like what I think a well pad would look like.  I drove past the White well Sunday and the area looks pretty clean and the sound barriers are down as they have completed drilling the 3rd horizontal, only a single truck remains.

The rig is up at the Houyouse pad and is clearly visible from Germano Rd.  Again, looks like a well pad.

Another rig at Snoddy's, I did not drive back Sorrell Rd. to see what the pad looks like but you can see the rig from St Rt. 43.

There are a number of recent permits for Loudon, Washington, Perry, Fox and Center townships.  I expect that this spring and summer will be very busy.

I think it would be appropriate if the replies on this site pertained only to actual facts or were posted to try to answer reasonable questions----and did not degrade people  or start to look like an adolescent facebook site-----people's family history is personal business and should not have a place on an adult discussion site-----just sayin'!


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