Did anyone attend a meeting in Clarion last week with Ionta Consulting Services regarding contracting with CX Energy to market your gas rights?  Need 20,000 acreage per group, to pay $3850 per acre?

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How do I get in contact with Ionta Consulting Services? 

Domenic Ionta  New Castle PA

724 652 6835 OFFICE

724 674 2663 CELL

I have never heard of Ionta Consulting Services before this thread. I do know that CX-Energy had a meeting scheduled for Tuesday, July 17 at the American Legion in Clarion. I had attended two previous presentations by CX-Energy in Emlenton so I called them to find out what information this latest meeting in Clarion would cover. I was told that they are still in the stage of accumulating acreage to market. Essentially it would have been the same presentation(s) as the previous meetings so I did not attend. One thing that was mentioned to me when speaking to them is that the O&G companies view Clarion County as a dry-gas area which was surprising to me as I had been under the impression that Clarion County is a wet-gas area.

Yes Mike this is the Clarion mtg I was referring to.  What did you think of the previous presentations?  We have CX Energy's proposed "Landowner MarketPlace Agreement" for review.  Though I did not attend, I was informed as follows: 

20,000 ac per group

Group is signed up for 12 mnths

5yr primary lease with option of extension

$3850 per acre

Well pad fee 25-30K pymt

Bonus money paid 90-120 days

Leasing deep first then may lease shallow in future

Don't forget that these guys only MARKET your property.  There are no guarantees that they will find anyone to lease at the proposed terms.  I'm pretty confident that we, as landowners, would know of any potential leasees in the area and would be able to obtain the going lease rates (if not better) than a "broker"....fact of the matter is that things are just quiet at the moment.  12 months is a long time to be tied up...a lot can happen in that time!


That said, everyone needs to do what's best for them!

Good luck!

Thanks, yes I think you are right. 

CX-Energy is putting on two additional Clarion County marketing meeting from a postcard I received in the mail.  The postcard says that "3,000 Mercer County landowners just received $3,850 per acre and premium lease terms."  I don't know if that means they got paid yet (doubtful) or if due diligence is being run.


- Thursday Aug 23 at 6:30pm at the Clarion American Legion

- Wednesday Sep 26 at 6:30pm at the Clarion American Legion

Just wondering, is ANYONE leasing in Clarion County (August 2012)?   Haven't heard of any activity in a long time.

I have 50 acres along the river in Madison Twp., and as far as I know, nothing. EQT just isn't budging right now. I wish I knew their sweet spot on the price of gas to get them going again.

Do NOT engage in business with Domenic Ionta of New Castle, PA. This man has defrauded my business.

Would you really want an unethical partner?

I can divulge more specifics through private messaging. Thank you.


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