Anyone have any info on the route of the Nexus pipe line across Columbiana Co. to Kensington plant?

We don't live in the area so it hard to get any information first hand. We did hear that a surveying crew form Nexus is surveying the route near Kensington and near some power lines last week. Anyone have a map or seen a map of the real route? Sometime ago I remember seeing early drawing. Any information will help.Thanks

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This is an older article and there is no map that I saw but the description I read sounds like it is heading west using existing electric right of way where possible.  It says eastern terminus is in Carroll County.  I did not see any mention of Kensington or the plant but it is practically in Carroll County.  This type of pipeline must be approved by Ohio Power Siting Board so you can look on their website

to see if any application has been filed yet.  There should be public hearings regarding this and if it was going on your property you would receive information about the public hearings.  We have property that was in the route of the proposed WVa to Canada pipeline in Southern and Western Ohio a few years back and were notified about the public hearings well before any negotiations began.  This pipeline was proposed by Kinder Morgan and did have an application in with Power Siting Board here in Ohio and held the public meetings as required but was later cancelled.

And yet another map of the Nexus Pipeline. Looks to be following the power line ROW.

Looking at the map from the above link (from the Medina Gazette) the route is going north-west through Ohio Edison territory.  The Kensington Plant has an Electric Sub-Station that was installed by Ohio Edison. The territory just south of the plant belongs to Carroll Electric Cooperative Inc. which has a sub-station just west of Summitville and about 1-2 miles south of the Kensington Plant.

the ROW agent was just here (New Franklin, OH) twice last week. Following the Electric Right of Way was what we were told, we live next door to the landowner who has the electric ROW on her property. They were here to have survey forms signed.

OK so one lesson to learn here ...if you grant a ROW you must restrict it to that company only or they may have the right to sublet a ROW to electric, phone, cable, sewer, water, pipeline. You get no money just additional crap on your surface land and below ground.


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