Does anyone know if and when anything is going to happen North of the Lehman well site?

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Whats north of the site?

Several farms are north of the lehman well and they received

thousands in bonus money.

We heard the lehman well was dry gas. Any info on this? Will there be any processing at this site?

Herbert, Who are you leased with.

No pipelines to any Chesapeake wells east of Route 11 yet!

There is a second Atlas Noble Well being drilled south of their first well on Route 14 east of 7. The new well will be south of 14 and also east of 7 which puts it just north of Lehman (Chesapeake). I believe I read that it will be named Firestone II or something similar.  Both wells may contain substantial Firestone Property.  I believe the first goes under the golf course there.  Not sure if I read this on County Engineers which often comes out before ODNR permits.  NOMAC (Chesapeake) drilled the first well for Atlas so I would not be surprised to see them out there again.


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