I understand there are 3 new well pads being built by Hilcorp in Columbiana County.

Does anyone know anything about this?

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The three (3) most recent permits approved by ODNR for Hilcorp, at the end of October 2014, and disclosed on the Weekly Report, Week Ending 2014-11-01,

are for "Salem-Grubbs" well(s), Salem Township.  They already have 1 well drilled and producing.  They are going to add 3 more wells at the same location based on the information from the permits.

They have a twenty-inch (20") pipe going from the current well to the Hickory Bend processing plant in Springfield Township Mahoning County.  They also have a 16" line going to the UEO Kensington plant.  The junction of those two pipelines sits about 300 feet to the south of the well head for the Salem-Grubbs 1H well.

Not sure when they intend to start drilling on the new permits though.

Yes.  All 3 new pads are in Fairfield Township.  Two of the pads are well underway.  Drill rigs expected in February.  Hilcorp will be applying for 10 permits on at least one of those pads.

Can you tell me where these pads are located? I didn't see anything about new pads.

The Grubbs property shouldn't need a new pad since most are designed to accommodate six to eight holes. The production must be very good for them to invest in new holes.

We are waiting to hear about any new developments on the well we're associated with ( Hartz). I'm told that there will be six total drilled here eventually. We just received division orders but no check yet so we don't know how good...or bad the production is. I hunt in our woods next to the unit and I can hear it running continously. I'm also told that this area is very very good. Much better than most realize. We'll see.

Isn't the Grubbs well pad in Salem Township not Fairfield?

I wonder if Hilcorp is ever going to drill in Elkrun Township?

Yes the pad(s) are in Salem Twp.

Yes Grubbs are in Salem Township.  The 3 new PADS are obviously not at Grubbs. There are 3 new permits for the Grubbs pad.  No permit required to build the pad so the permits for the  New pads are not issued yet.

Pad #1 is on Woodville Rd between Crestview and 558.  West side of road.  Should  be easily seen from Rt 11. 

Pad 2 on Crestview.  SW  corner of  Crestview and Lower Elkton.

Both of these pads well under way.

Pad 3 which  is not started yet will be built at 517 and Fairfield School.

dr j, can you find out any info on the Fowler Well? 

I can try, that is a CHK well though so I don't have any gravitas with them!

I also know of 2 sites hilcorp has a sign out by the road.

Ramseys on rt 30 right outside lisbon

Wooley on Stuebenville Pike Rd

Any word if Hilcorp is going to drill Hanover-Mountz well?


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