The Mangus Well has not been connected to the Depot Road Pipeline as of yet. I had heard it was to be started this past summer. Also, the pipeline people had stopped negotiating with the local land owners. So, the most recent news is that the Mangus Well will be connected to the Springfield plant not the Kensington plant. Therefore, the hookup will be from the north, not the south. This would validate the other rumor of Hilcorp planning on taking ownership of the well from CHK.. Any thoughts or inputs from the GMS crowd....

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    The pipeline people who went through our neighborhoods were just collecting Right Of Ways by effectively stealing them from the landowners. When the 36 inch pipelines come through your area you're going to hear screaming and crying when your neighbors who signed find out they signed away their Right Of Way ownership and there is nothing they can do about it. The old saying "You're and adult you should have known what you were signing" will ring true for this 2nd Oil & Gas slap in the face.  If you didn't sign, good for you.

I didn't answer your question, but figured landowners should know when a ROW contract has no specific mention of size and number of pipes, as well as no survey on it, they should never sign since it is an open right of way handed over to those bold enough to steal from your neighbors or you if you trust those "nice people" who come to your door to help you out.

OK, let's hear it from those who go door to door and say they won't negotiate or allow specific wording additions to their boilerplate ROW agreement. Tell me I'm Jaded for informing the landowners and taking them out of your reach.


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