There is a rig off Route 11 in Columbiana County in the vicinity of the original Chesapeake Grubbs well.  Anyone have any information on it.  Nice to see a rig back in Columbiana County after a year!

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Scroll down  a few posts.  Its on the Nolker pad. Hilcorp.  Ten permits for this pad.... drilling 3 right off the bat. 

Does anyone know off hand which directions they are drilling now?

I have been informed the rig on the Nolker pad is drilling down 6000 feet in prep for the fracking rig. I have also heard the fracking water pipeline is going to run from Copeland lake south on the state side of route 11 till it reaches the pad.

Was informed this morning that the rig doing the initial vertical drilling has been removed from the site and the pad is currently empty except for the guard shack. Awaiting arrival of the fracking rig

Big rig is up and running. 

Brother just told me it looks like the rig is gone...Anybody know whats going on?

The rig is down as of this morning.   I know they had planned on starting with 3 legs... my guess is they are done with those and fracking will be next.  I know the plan was to bring the water from Copeland Lake.  When Hilcorp fracked the Grubbs well they used over the ground pipes to bring in fresh water.... look for these pipes to come down the Rt 11 right away. 

Heard 7 and 8 has been fracked. Any updates?


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