I have been watching this pipeline go in for some time but have until now been able to find any indication of it's name.  Unlike Millport Pipeline which has Millport written on every surveying stakes along it I could find nothing written on any of the stakes or at any wells along the Teegarden Pipeline.  Thanks to a conversation with another member on here I was able to confirm the pipeline I have been watching is Teegarden.

From today's Salem News http://www.salemnews.net/page/content.detail/id/568360/Butler-trust...

Teegarden goes from Kensington across 30 behind Hanoverton up to Speidel/Gas tax east of route 9 up to 172 and across 172 on to Schneider and across Schneider then east to Whinery and across Whinery where it stops.  But this RUMA will allow access midstream to go into Butler Twp.  The pipeline is presumed to go on to and thru Salem Twp and then just into Fairfield Twp but we will see how that progresses.  Some ROW issues have come to light so we will have to wait and see how they are addressed.

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OK took a different route to work today.  There is activity at Mrgula Well (center twp) on Teegarden.  Looks like they are expecting large vehicles as two of the orange "overhead powerlines" signs have been placed back at the entrance.  Also new surveying done at Mueller.  Stakes on one side before this well pad and on the other side after this well pad.  Assuming these are ROW stakes for Teegarden Pipeline based on the location and the writing on the stakes PERM  - permanent.  Then there is a temporary area that is just during construction on most of the pipeline road crossings.   This gives the workers some extra room by the crossing to fit the large equipment they use.  Will have to go by Roy D on the way home.  No work at Riffle or Weaver and I made the wrong turn to go by Hartz and Mellinger but the surveyors always seem to be just a couple wells ahead of work crew so it may be awhile.  Also Mangus could be part of this gathering system ... just not sure where yet.

Columbiana County Get Its 90th RUMA  This was in today's paper and allows for road use on Depot and also on Teegarden out to Vincent Rd near the Salem Reservoir.  This allows access to Mrugala (Center Twp) on Teegarden and Roy D (Salem Twp on Winona) from the back side 


And Roy D and also Mellenger Well do have the overhead power line warning signs out because these driveways go under overhead power lines.  They seem to be expecting company in the form of large vehicles too.  The other wells on this route don't have power lines over the driveways.

More activity along the Teegarden Pipeline. Where Winona ends at Yates there are surveying stakes. Then if you go left on Yates there is an access road a couple hundred yards down on the right side side of road. This is very close to Muehller Well on McCracken.

Teegarden Pipeline Update

At Speidel/Gas Tax Rd crossing the pipeline is under the road. All pipe nearby buried.

At crossing on Whinery Road the "push pipe" is under the road and the big holes there filled in.

Woodsdale Road Crossing now marked and men working there today with heavy equipment.

On Depot there are now signs in the west side NO REFUELING, WET LANDS etc east side has markers.

Winona Road Roy D pad gate open, heavy equipment, men working.

Winona and Yates pick up trucks parked there today, more surveying markers, seem to be working on dealing with a spring here that literally runs out the side of the bank on the right hand side of the intersection.  Lots of blue flags, paint on the road so maybe this spring need to be controlled directed while they dig???? for the pipeline.  Have to wait and see on that!


There is also work down in the Heasley Rd, Rt 30 near Hanoverton area but did not see this section today.  Last time I saw it they were coming from the plant towards 30 and seem to be going to go under 30, creek, and Heasley all in one shot.  Work on the other side of 30 is basically complete some pipe buried on that side now.

They worked clearing behind my dads on Winona Road yesterday and today. 1/2 mile south of Winona Road and about 1/2 mile west of Depot Road. Did some serious tree removal.

Thanks Bill! Can't see much except along the road as we drive by. Lots of woods and lots of water near the Depot crossing. The seem to be able to go under the wetlands. Over on County Home Rd they are working in a big wet area.

"Calling Columbiana ground troops, ground troops, report in ground troops?"

OK it takes a few days to see the entire pipeline.

UEO Plant to 30 in Hanoverton ... nothing new

30 to Speidel/Gas Tax - this pipe is buried

Speidel west of 9 - there has been much work here taking a branch of the Teegarden out to Jan Paul.  This well has been listed as producing but I believe it was only capable of producing.  I have not seen a tank battery or separators installed here yet but once flow back is hauled out and sold I think they list them as producing.  Totally missed this.  It was done very quickly.  Pipeline is above ground still but welded together.  Pipe is prepped to push under Rt 9.

172 crossing ... this section is incomplete ... the crossing is marked but no pipe, no clearing of the land

Schneider crossing ... I did not see

Whinery Road ... pipe under road, pipe west welded and trench dug, pipe in trench waiting to be covered.

Woodsdale Road ... crossing being worked on, lots of activity here

Depot Crossing marked .. trees west side have been removed based on post by another member

Roy D Well .... tank battery at this well has been there lying on their sides but they are now upright and connected at top and there is a separator installed there now

nothing new at Vincent access road, Yates crossing, Yates access road

Muehller - There was a helicopter at this well the other day when I drove by doing something in the ROW of the power lines there.  Not sure if this is related to the well at all. Lots of Ohio Edison work and tree trimming work in our area.

Missed this on my little tour the other day.  Off Vincent Road which is after Roy D and Mrugala and before Muehller there have been porta potty deliveries and a couple pieced of large equipment there.  Working on clearing the land now for this leg of the pipeline.

Weekly update along Teegarden Pipeline just new stuff
Route 9 crossing west the pipe in trench and being buried working west towards Jan Paul Well. East pipe being welded.
Route 172 crossing surveyed and actively being worked on today.
Pipe up to Schneider and beyond to Whinnery Rd all buried.
Whinnerry Road crossing activity there today burying pipe on both sides.
Corn down now you can see heavy equip in the distance at Woodsdale crossing. No pipe delivered yet beyond this.
Depot crossing first heavy equipment here prepping crossing.
Teegarden stakes for crossing from Mrugala Well all laid out.
At Vincent Rd area corn is down and you can see Roy D from the back side.

Working West?

Is this the pipeline they are working right now on Teegarden near Gamble road?


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