I have been watching this pipeline go in for some time but have until now been able to find any indication of it's name.  Unlike Millport Pipeline which has Millport written on every surveying stakes along it I could find nothing written on any of the stakes or at any wells along the Teegarden Pipeline.  Thanks to a conversation with another member on here I was able to confirm the pipeline I have been watching is Teegarden.

From today's Salem News http://www.salemnews.net/page/content.detail/id/568360/Butler-trust...

Teegarden goes from Kensington across 30 behind Hanoverton up to Speidel/Gas tax east of route 9 up to 172 and across 172 on to Schneider and across Schneider then east to Whinery and across Whinery where it stops.  But this RUMA will allow access midstream to go into Butler Twp.  The pipeline is presumed to go on to and thru Salem Twp and then just into Fairfield Twp but we will see how that progresses.  Some ROW issues have come to light so we will have to wait and see how they are addressed.

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OK this section of the pipeline is moving along quite rapidly.
Pipe from Roy D to the road crossing at Yates is buried. Quite a muddy mess here today.
I think the pipe was pushed under the road.
At Muehler the ditch has been dug here to push pipe under McCracken.
Pipe is cribbed up and welded from after Roy D and all the way to and past Riffle.
Pipe is up on cribs to be welded all the way to Hartz and Mellenger.
At the road crossings the special pipe to be pushed under was there and welded.
You can see the pipe coming to Muehler and leaving it. Riffle also. There is a section
from Riffle over to Franklin Square crossing that I can not see pipe or crossing at 558
but knowing where Riffle is and where the pipe comes up the hill in Franklin Square it must be going to cross the wetlands and comes down the hill near the big towers for power lines probably using same ROW.
I predict this will be completed and online by end of April. Amazing what warmer weather can do for a project like this.

Anyone out by Winona Road know what the activity is that is taking place there now?  Followed a frack sand  truck out Winona road to the access road for Millport Pipeline last night.  Met another coming from there.  They are out there today and I was able to get up high enough down the road to see them emptying the sand trucks out in the field there.  Today I saw a truck leaving, one waiting and one dumping sand.  They are coming down depot road turning right on Winona coming from Columbiana depot/refractory I suspect.  This is near where the Teegarden pipeline crosses Depot Rd between Winona and Teegarden west of Depot.  They have an access road off Winona to get back in there.  Racking my brain to think of why they would need so much sand back there.  Could it be so wet that they need to put the sand in there to firm up where the pipe line is resting ?????  Anyone hear anything?

Still trying to find out what the problem, if there is a problem, is out near Winona and Depot road.  Last night there were flaggers and one side of the road was closed.  In the closed lane there were not one but two of the big sand trucks.  Then there were two trucks that had spreader written on the side.  They had a vacuum or pump and were taking the sand out of the sand truck and putting it in the spreader truck.  Only saw one pump so other  sand truck driver and spreader truck driver were waiting for their turn at the pump.  There was also at least one spreader truck back off the road spreading sand.  I have looked on line to see if any incidents have been reported in any papers but nothing yet.  I have not seen anything like this at any other location.  There was the mud spill in the wetlands on County Home Road.  I also have not seen them remove any sand if the are using to soak up some type of spill or leak.  Today is Thursday .... I first saw this activity on Sunday so they have been pounding sand out there for several days now. 

OK have answer to activity on Winona. It is the entrance to Huffman sp? Trust Well. That have been building pad. White board with two permits had been erected.

This well is being fracked now!

Pipeline is stalled supposedly by the lousy weather. One portion that remains undone is through the swamp in Franklin Square. I understand that it will be tunneled under due to its wetland designation. Does anyone know when that tunneling operation will commence.

I go by there pretty frequently.  I just saw some new orange or red markers out in the swamp which must be the path they are following.  I am not sure which way they are going to tunnel towards Franklin Square or back towards Riffle Well.  The embankment right there by the wetlands is quite steep so you can only see where they are working if you are in Franklin Square at the road crossing on Lisbon Road and then you need binoculars.  That will be a huge project and difficult I think.   Hopefully no leaks of drilling mud or anything will slow them down.  Over on County Home Road the pressure of the drilling mud broke through in a couple places and leaked so then they had to clean that up.  Most of this 3rd phase of this pipeline is buried now.  The are also doing a big push or tunnel over by Leetonia Road just south of the cemetery there.  There is a creek there so the are going from a bank on the west side under the creek and road then on to Hartz/Mellinger.   Also saw a big trench one other place ... I want to say 45 near Riffle.  The rain would definitely affect these road crossings because of the big ditch they have to dig to tunnel under.  If they fill with water and collapse what a mess.   I have seen them use the big metal safety boxes and I have seen the big ditches with no boxes.  Not sure how they decide and maybe they just move them in on welding day when someone actually goes down in there to do the final weld.

So, all you Pipeline watchers, what is the latest word on the Teegarden Pipeline? How far have they completed the line? Is the Mellinger Pad the present end point of the line? Is any portion of the Pipeline in operation to date, if not, has a turn on date been established? When will the Mangus Well spur begin to be laid? And where will it go.. Are anymore wells planned along the Pipeline? I am sure there are many more questions to ask, so go ahead and answer the ones I did not ask.......

I drive on Teegarden every day to go to work. It looks like it is complete where it comes across Teegarden by Vincent Rd. Looks like they just planted grass seed and put straw down. Sorry, that is the only area I see everyday.

They recently drilled a well off Winona that will be hooked to this pipeline. There has only been one rig in Columbiana so far this summer. Few new permits here. I believe the pipeline is complete except for reclaiming land. There was a mud leak in the wetlands near Weaver Well that I heard they were completing the cleanup recently. Cleaning up mud spilled in the mud ??? I have not seen any signs yet of Magnus being hooked up to this pipeline. Not sure about production alomng this pipeline yet.

ODNR has some of the wells beyond Roy D and Mrugala listed as producing. Whether that is actual production or the production of flow back when installing the tanks etc I don't know.  The wells on the pipeline out to Roy D and Mrugala are producing and I have seen a tanker truck at both of these picking up contents of the tanks.  The trappings of production are also at all the well sights on the last leg of this pipeline.  They were doing some work after Riffle and before Weaver up on the steep hill near the wetlands yesterday. Mueller, Hartz, Weaver are not listed as producing but Mellenger and Riffle are listed so based on the fact that they are out of chronological order Mueller, Riffle, Weaver, Hartz, Mellenger I am going to guess that they all may be capable of producing but are not yet. It should not be long though for these wells.

OK the final leg of the Teegarden Pipeline that begins after the Roy D Well on Winona and goes to Mellinger just outside Leetonia and gathers Muellher, Riffle, Weaver, Hartz, Mellinger is being pressure tested TODAY!  When you drive by the road crossings there are signs out today that say Keep Out Pressure Testing.  So once this is done and if no repairs are needed these wells should be going online very soon!


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