This seems a little odd to me and I am surprised I have not read or heard more about it...!/notes/the-ener...


No press release from either organization, but a blurb on NGO's facebook page.  It also was mentioned briefly in The Energy Cooperatives (which includes NGO) annual report report of a couple weeks ago.


Any thoughts or opinions on this?

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FYI to folks -- here's what you see when you click the FB link:

Joint Venture with Anadarko

by The Energy Cooperative on Friday, January 27, 2012 at 10:55am ·

NGO Development Corporation (NGO) is part of The Energy Cooperative group of businesses. NGO owns interest in over 600 oil and gas wells and associated leases in Central Ohio. Last month NGO entered into an agreement with Anadarko Exploration and Production, based out of The Woodlands, Texas, to explore the Utica Shale on its leases in Coshocton and Tuscarawas Counties. 

The agreement provides for a mutually beneficial relationship that will allow for responsible development of this natural resource and help the cooperative achieve its long term financial goals. The resulting exploration activity may also help boost the local economy through job development and availability of a clean, abundant, local resource.


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