Any updates on  talks going on with gas/oil companies? How many acres are they up to with this group? Last I heard they had around 12,000 acres signed up?

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Talk on the Mercer County group. Halcon sold some leases to Shell in Perry, sandy creek and Salem townships. At least a little bit of action. Leads me to think the Byler well must of  produced something for Shell. 


Thanks, sure keep hoping for something to happen. 

Chip- this is nearly the exact same letter recently sent to SE Mercer county landowners minus the Tier 1/Tier 2 wording (first I've heard that term used). Does that make SE Mercer county Tier 1? Definitely was a cut and paste job by CX.


As stated, the biggest concern is the lack of pipeline capacity t get the gas to market. If anyone knows of any new ROWs or pipelines being worked on please let me know at   Info like location, direction, size and number are all helpful. Same with compressor stations, dehydrator, cryogenics plants, and more. Or just post it here for everyone to see if you like.

Chip: I am not sure that anyone is at fault regarding the lack of leasing offers in Crawford, Venango, and Mercer Counties. It has been my impression that leasing seems to dry up to almost nothing in the last quarter of the year. Admittedly lack of infrastructure is a problem probably more for Crawford and Venango Counties than for Mercer. I, by the way, am in Venango county.

Chip, thanks for the post, doesn't sound like CX is any better today then they were a year ago? I gave them a year to get a deal done and opted out, if they can pull a good deal together I would consider joining again, but no reason to be a member at this time IMO.

We haven't heard from CX for several weeks here in Mercer County. I'm wondering if they'll substitute "Mercer" for "Crawford" and send us the same letter? Every email is another 6-8 weeks for yet another email to wait another 6-8 weeks. Time to pull the CX plug.


How did the meeting go yesterday with CX energy.  Any good news out of it?


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