Has anyone had any dealings with Guardian Exploration in Crawford County. They have proposed leasing my land and I would like to compare their offer with my the proposal they made to me.

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guardian is offering 3000 per acre right? paying the first 3 yrs up front right? how bout any good clauses? if this is the offer they gave you how does it make sense? oh 15 percent royalty?  i say they are another flipper. get all the money up front.. the name scares me guardian EXPLORATION! WHATS THAT MEAN NOT A WELL THOUGHT OUT NAME! HURRY up try to steal hard working peoples money. be patient it will come. what township are you in?

no, 300 per acre with 4 yrs up front

That is low. I wouldn't consider anything less than 3000 per

 it would be foolish even to continue talks with these flippers

They are a flipper, they satrted a year ago at $50.00 an acre for a ten year lease($5.00an acre) They are flippers and have lease language I would never accept, but that's just me. If you lease you are out of being able to get a good lease with an energy company. Also why would any one sign with a flipper or landman when you have a landowners group that has been established for a year in the area. The most inportant thing I have ever learned in life is there is strenth in numbers. In the wild predators pick off the weak, and the single animal, one by one until they are satisfied or the source of food is gone. These flippers are the same way when they can no longer make a buck on the supply they will move on to a new area and start all over, and your left behind bewildered and dazed wondering where you went wrong.I belong to the Northwest Pa Landowner Group , they are not for profit and have the neighbors in mind. But the most important thing is to stick together. Read, educate yourself, there is a slow down trend in aquiring leases in the Marcellus and Utica prices are down, read about in in the financial world, Kiplingers, Bloomberg, the Wall Street Journal. But hang in there good things come to those who are paitient.


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