I'm pretty new to all of this and I think I finally figured out how to post on the Crawford Co. site.  I posted on the 'main' site and found out that the Lippert well is still being flared.  Does anybody have any up to date info on the progress of the Byler and Staab well drilling?  thanx in advance.   mk

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good to hear......  thanx, Andy

Just got back from the Byler well , Jake told me they started to frack on the 10th. Lots of trucks bringing the water in !

Just got back from the Byler well Jake told me they started to frack on the 10th

Keeping my fingers crossed.   Staab, Byler, and Lippert after some rework should help define the fairway for the volatile oil.  Please keep the updates coming.   It's much appreciated. 

Anybody have the latest info on the two wells?   Frac-ing over and they're resting or has either even been frac-d yet?   Thanks for your updates....

Just Talked to Jake Byler , he told me the frack has been done for 4 weeks. He said he asked them when they would flair it and they told him  when he sees a flame he will know it is being flaired.

I would be happy to post a photo of the flair when they do flair it if some one tells me  how to upload a photo here ?

How long do they flare a well? I heard that the Byler  well was flared for about 1 1/2 days and the flane went out. After the flare went out they removed the flare pipe, I was told this by someone that talked to Jake.

Yes that is true the flair was only about 2 days, and the men told Jake they are having trouble with water ??? He said they did say they found a trace of wet gas .

Staab well was supposed to flared beginning on July 11th.  Does anyone have any info they can share??   thanx.

They are flaring it now.Joe

great news, josef......  how big is the flare?    any pics to share?


Video of the Staab flare taken July 23, 2013.


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