I'm pretty new to all of this and I think I finally figured out how to post on the Crawford Co. site.  I posted on the 'main' site and found out that the Lippert well is still being flared.  Does anybody have any up to date info on the progress of the Byler and Staab well drilling?  thanx in advance.   mk

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Sorry the Jake Byler well . I talked to the man from Shell about my 3600 feet of road frontage and he told me the Byler well is a good one !


I'm sorry too. I should've picked up on your Shell comment. I believe the Staab is a Halcon drill and I recall that the Byler was a Shell after your comments. thanks, again, mark

If that is the case and word starts to flow I would think southern Crawford landowners should start to see some type of leasing offers.

for obvious reasons, I have the same hopes for us all, Berk.  You hearing anything?   About the Byler or Staab?


Nope!! Wife and I have sort-of decided to stop waiting and see if we can sell the farm next spring with the price of a lease wrapped into it . At least this way it would be a tax free event. We want to get a 5th wheel and hit the road.  

PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE "For thus saith the LORD

I had some good fortune recently.  The non-producing Atlas well that was on my property was finally plugged and capped on June 10th.  I had talks with the atty associated with WPAGLC, who I signed on late last year with, push them for just that, beginning late last year.  She talked to the right people, didn't get any push-back other than heel dragging and they said it was on their schedule for this year.  they finally completed it, then pulled the tanks off around the 1st week of Aug., so I went to the courthouse and got a copy of the 'release' dated July 10th   Atlas never bothered to contact me, but a 20 minute search and I found it.  Life is Good, now that I'm free and clear, just waiting (hoping) for good news for Summit Twp.  Hope numbers and wetness, are real good from the Staab and the Byler, as it is sounding....


That is outstanding. Now you can wait and stew with the rest of us hoping for something to occur.

Any updates on these wells as of late?  Crawford county seems dead at the moment.


about 2 weeks ago I heard that a pipeline that was going to be laid into the Staab well has been put on hold for whatever reason.  The 'flare' that was on the 'youtube' video looked great, but never saw any results as to how the well testing turned out...

Haven't heard anything for awhile about these two.   Inquiring to see if anyone is sitting on the latest info about the Staab or Byler ???   thanks, in advance.    mark


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