I'm pretty new to all of this and I think I finally figured out how to post on the Crawford Co. site.  I posted on the 'main' site and found out that the Lippert well is still being flared.  Does anybody have any up to date info on the progress of the Byler and Staab well drilling?  thanx in advance.   mk

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They did drill one well and flare it, In 2012 . They had two more permits that were good for one year. The letter says that that the new permits are good for one year. So why would you renew the permits to drill if you don't plan on drilling sometime this year? The permits have been expired for over a year, I don't know what the status is of the gas line they need to run one before they can get the gas out.

looks like swepi got the Byler permit renewed on 3/2/15.......  some action is better than no action in this neck of the woods....  


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