Northern Utica Oil Window found on the GMS Home page with a Vindy Article

Reposting info from the General Discussions including a article pertaining to the 'oil-rich' Northern Utica, which hopefully spills over into Crawford Co. based on a number of O&G maps.  I think, if it proves to be valid info, it'll be great news for us up here.  Hopefully, the link will work for you.


regards,   mark  




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No luck says page doesn't exist.

yeah, Berk,  for whatever reason, I messed up the link.   The one Giacomo posted works just fine.......  My bad  !!!   I went back in and I think I fixed it and it links correctly, now.....

Link does not exist and search for utica map only came up with Poland earthquakes due to fracking.

I don't know what the 'Vindy' problem is, but I checked fredric and it 'disappeared' again.   I went to the link and selected the 'local' news button on the upper tool bar, then when the list of 'local' news items appeared, I scrolled down a ways and found the Utica Frac item, selected it, and found the article.   Try doing that...

 regards,  mark

I found the article. Took some digging though. I don't think I will be loading up the truck and moving to Beverly just yet.


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