Hello, Just wondering if anyone has heard if the NWPALG has any new information about possible deals or leases. Thanks

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I talked to Randy at N.W.P.A.L.G. he said he wanted to have a news letter out by the 15th of October ?


have never heard a thing from that group


Just a simple request, Ppl, when you post, ask or answer a question, please expand on the acronym for those of us who don't know what it means, thus are not involved with the 'group' etc, but would still like to learn and be informed & spell it out!  A simple rule of writing, is to spell it out first, followed by the acronym (in parenthesis ie NWPALG) and then after that, the acronym can be used by everyone.   In any business, we could write an entire paragraph with acronyms, and if you were not involved in that line of business/trade/industry, no one would understand what the heck they were talking about.  Not all of us follow the oil/gas/leasing industry on a daily basis and certainly would not be privy to all the groups in that industry.

Thank you for the consideration.


agree. and there sitting around the stove playing poker with all the money they took off the landowners. oh wait silly me that was for administration purposes.

they took no more than was needed. lifes a gamble. grow up.

Are the groups like this one and CX still growing or are people starting to leave these groups? I was with CX for a year and heard the same stuff over and over, lots of talk and excitement but at the end of the year I still didn't have a lease, so I left.

grow up? this group can't answer questions asked of them nor do they report to their members. now if you have information gary smith share it. life is a game not a gamble,its all how you play it.people gave their hard earned money to this group with nothing to show for a simple response or meeting to update people. good day my friend.

LOL - thank you for the name of the group...

It appears they hit hard, see what they can drum up, and when people become aware of their somewhat lacking contract, they disappear quickly...

Sorry for the misunderstanding Linda A. By the way, what exactly does Ppl mean? Maybe you should spell it out first the next time and then use the abbreviation, so everyone else will know what it is that you are saying. Not everyone knows what Ppl means. Thank you for the consideration and good luck.

it is the accepted abbreviation for 'people' - thought any writer would know that... sorry you couldn't understand...

We had a contact for property we own in Trumbull Co. / Lordstown.  They were in a rush to sign, but we had to have the property changed to our name (long story) and they were anxious for us to do that.  Then, the offer was no longer available - perhaps because we wanted a LITTLE more $ per acre, no market enhancement & surface lease - we have this wooded lot for sale and did not want a gas line make it undesirable.  Think that's why they lost interest?

Don't belong to this group, but no new info here in Crawford Co., PA.  A friend of mine from Texas (who assists me with gas/oil questions) and has been in this business for many years DID tell me that they don't like working with large groups because it's like negotiating with a 'union' - so many minuscule demands makes the deal almost impossible to manage...  THAT is why the pick and choose from the group members...


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