Utica Resources was working with the owner of that well, Indepth Exploration, ceo Duane Stephens.

Indepth Exploration owns and funded that well, according to Duane Stephens.  There are some internal

situations that need to be resolved before they move to the next step.  According to the information

I have knowledge of through the web sites of both Utica Resources and Indepth Exploration the test results after completing the 7200' vertical test well is that the indications are that it will be a producing well.  As of yet it has not been flow tested and the well is on hold until the next step is decided.


Since I am part owner of a 270 acre parcel 4.5 miles south of Adameck#1 I am following the progress

as close as I am able.  The test results are proprietory and the owner is keeping the results private.EmKey

Energy has purchased our lease along with 20+ other leases in our area (Wattsburg and surrounding areas).

They are major pipeline distributors who recently purhased the Norse lines for millions of dollars and are continuing to build other pipelines.  There is activity in Erie County but as you are aware the counties that have been digging in the Marcellus have attracted much more than Erie County.

I recently wrote a letter to the Editor Erie Times regarding the merits of "fracking" as a counter to an article

prior to the one I wrote seeking to "ban" fracking.


What Erie County needs is a private/public movement to fund gas distribution lines in Erie County and build the infrastructure to move the gas and combine that with the Erie Counties effort to promote Erie as a "port of distribution" to other markets.  That will take years but if the infrastructure in put in place it won't

take many more years to be able to market the natural gas.  Is there any support out there for those ideas

or do we just sit around until someday they get around to Erie County.


George Vietze



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