My brother and I own property in Addison Twp, Somerset County, which is close to the Fayette County border.  Just wondering what kind of activity is going on there.  We gave permission in May 2010 for Dawson Geophysical to conduct a seismic survey for Chief Oil & Gas, but haven't heard anything else yet.  Anyone have information?  We'd be interested in leasing, but since the property is heavily wooded, wouldn't want to have it torn up for a wellsite.


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Have you called them back to follow up on the status?? That's what I would do. :-)

Yes, I called Chief & talked to their geophysicist this past spring.  He said the surveys had been delayed because of the weather & they were just finishing up collecting data.  He said they generally were not offering new leases in the area right now, just tying up loose ends, like gathering in landowners to complete larger parcels.  I know Chief is up for sale, and it sounded to me like they were just sitting tight until they get an offer from one of the larger oil companies.  I wondered if any other companies are active in that area.  Since we're absentee landowners, I didn't want to be the only ones not contacted yet.



We are in Fayette County and just had our lease expire with Atlas Energy. I contacted them to see if they would offer us a new lease and they are not offering any new leases at this time either. I wish information was easier to find, but
Well, thanks for the info anyway!  Sounds like things are pretty quiet in the area at the moment.  I live in Butler County and they seem to be leasing like crazy up here.  I'll keep following the discussions.

I am interested to hear what comes of the geo-testing.  I have a client with significant acreage near your's and we hit a brick wall last year trying to find a suitor.  We contacted all of the major players but none were interested back then, but this sounds promising.

Somerset sits along the edge of the Marcellus play but I still expect some activity in the county.

Good luck!

Thanks!  I'll be interested to hear if your client gets any more interest.

I will certainly post here whatever companies show an interest.


Take care.


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