In response to a question "Has Marathon stopped leasing in Fayette County"

We had leased our property (100+acres) with Marathon during the 4th quarter of 2010

Two neighbors with 10-20 acres next to our property had contacted the Marathon office (Bridgeport,WV) in an attempt to lease...both were turned down as the manager there said no leasing was taking place at this time.  This was done in the first half of 2010.

All the acreage around ours ( a 2000+ acre block) is leased thru Marathon.  No drilling to date but the seismic testing is imminent.  I understand Nemacolin Woodlands property is leased to Marathon.

Any info on Marathon drilling sites?

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Productions #s for 2 wells in Wharton & Stewart Twps. aren't great.
Granted, they're verticals.

My name is Stephen, I'm with Giant LLP, we are leaseing at this time. Please call if you have or know of minerals that are for lease.



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